Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Activities of the Task Forces

Activities of the Task Forces

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This is just the merest first draft, just initial ideas. The full operation of the Task Forces will be co-created as we go along by all those involved. This is just to give you more specific ideas about what ASELF is about, what it will be doing for the world.

The activities will unfold in various phases from the beginning. Each Task Force will have from one to about thirty people involved; they will be in various places around the world, working together over the Internet. 

For more information about the ASELF Task Forces, you might want to read The Structure of ASELF and List of Potential ASELF Task Forces.

1. (and ongoingly) Orientation

The Task Force members will be learning the vision, mission, and operations of ASELF Foundation and Task Forces, and will meld together as a Team. Procedures will be finalized for ongoing interfacing and synergizing with the Foundation and other Task Forces.

  • SYNERGY is defined as the beneficial result of interaction among different groups and/or people, results which go beyond the simple addition of the parts of the process, so that something very new, unpredictable, and wonderfully amazing happens. 

2. (and ongoingly) Research

Each member will be looking all over the world, via the Internet, via networking, and other resources, for individuals, groups, and organizations who are focused on the Task Force's world-improvement topic and who meet our criteria.

Each TF will be creating from what they find, a List of potential Beneficiaries of our services. The List will be finalized by agreement of all TF members.

Procedures will be set up so that this research process is ongoing.

3. (and ongoingly) Invitations

Invitations will be sent to those on the List. The invitations will say something like 

  • "Hey, we are a nonprofit organization interested in your world-improving topic. Our mission is to help others interested in this topic to synergize with one another. 

  • We've discovered similar groups to yours, who meet our criteria. You might like to know about them, get in touch with them, cooperate with them for mutual benefits. These benefits might include division of labor, sharing of resources, and speaking with a unified voice representing more people worldwide.

  • If so, do we have your permission to be in further touch with you, to share information about you with others on our list, and send you information about them?

  • Then let us know your needs and desires, and we'll share those with others and help you figure out ways to synergize.

  • We are here as a resource for you! We can help you connect, coordinate, and cooperate. We are here to help you find resources and to help you with research to meet your needs. We are not, at this time, a source of direct funding. 

4. (and ongoingly) Synergize

Carry out activities designed to help the individuals and groups to cooperate, coordinate, and connect with each other for their mutual benefit. The exact nature of these activities will be determined by the capabilities of Task Force members, the resources they have access to, and the needs, desires, and capabilities of the groups and individuals being worked with. We expect innovations will emerge frequently, and the Task Force will help bring these innovations to the attention of other Task Forces for use with their Beneficiaries.  

5. Repeat and Expand

Repeat all the above. Expand the number of Task Force members so it can do even more.

Remember, the above is just a first draft, just initial ideas about what the Task Forces will be doing. It will all be much richer and even more exciting than this description!

For more information about the ASELF Task Forces, you might want to read The Structure of ASELF and List of Potential ASELF Task Forces.


  1. This is taking shape. That last one is very good. Let's go!!!

    Big hugs,

    The swiss cheese

  2. I see you personally doing a lo of this just by being you, Alia! I've personally felt very supported by you!

    1. Thank you kindly, Andrew. This project awaits being energized by the flow of Divine Energies. I was bummed that that closest thing to it I've seen, Paul Hawken's list of nonprofits helping the world, and the associated online community, got scrapped, at wiser.org.