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List of Potential ASELF Task Forces

List of Potential ASELF Task Forces

(Many of these might either merge with other Task Forces, or morph into several Task Forces. Some might be dropped; others might be added.)

While the Vision does have priorities among these topics, some of which are indicated in boldface, each Task Force will be formed whenever people relevant to that Task Force's topic become available.  
Each Task Force will be about one of the topics below. Each Task Force will be finding, linking up, and synergizing, the grassroots individuals, groups, and organizations who are focused on, working in, that Task Force's topic.

Aborigine/Original People issues 
Acceptance of Strangers (ways of dealing with xenophobia which is essentially instinctive in humans 
as in other animals) 
Affordable and Green Housing design and materials 
Air Purity 
Alternative Fuels/Power 
Alternative Health – modalities 
Alternative Health – practitioners 
Alternative Health – supplements 
Alternatives to Plastics and plastic bags 

Banking and the banking function in society 
Books helpful to many people 
Building Materials, Green and cheap 
Business philosophy and systems 
Business waste disposal 

Children's Issues 
City design 
Communication systems 
Communities and Community-Building, 
Community structures and processes 
Conflict Resolution/Mediation/Negotation (skills, resources) 
Credit-cards, Education about credit in our lives 

Earth-Healing Meditation projects (ongoing) 
Economics/Politics – Education 
Economics/Politics – Practice 
Economics/Politics – Theory
Note: While ASELF Foundation and Task Forces are completely non-political and do not work with political groups or organizations, we do foster whoever seeks to expand their (or others') awareness around economics or politics
Education theories and philosophies 
Educational systems and institutions 


Global Brain (communications) 
Global Village (human relating systems) 
Global Warming 
Good News networks, sources, distribution 

Healthcare systems 
Helping places like Whole Foods Markets be more consistent within themselves 

“Integral” this and that 
Integral Life Practice 
Inter- or Multi-National waste disposal 
Intercultural Awareness 
Interfaith “Tolerance” 
International Business philosophy and systems 
Internet's role in New Earth-building 

Landfill/Waste issues 
Legal systems and Constitutions 
Litter (focusing on increased awareness of what the health of the environment requires us to do.)  

Masculine and Feminine (describing healthy and unhealthy versions of each, helping build
complementary and synergistic relating) 
Maximal recycling from households 
Meditation Mental Health – Education 
Mental Health – Issues  
Mental Health – System 
Microfinance – its upsides and downsides 
Multi-national Corporations 

News Media 

Ocean Health 


Seeds and Crops 
Shadow Work 
“Spiral Dynamics” this and that 
Spiral Dynamics stages of human development: one Task Force helping define 
healthy and unhealthy expressions of that stage (apprx. 8 Task Forces.) 
Spiritual Teachers who are highly effective and “efficient” with wide appeal, such as Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and others. 
Standards and Definitions of “Organic” and “Natural” 

Transportation – vehicles and systems 
Trees and plants 

Visual Arts – static and moving 

Water Purity 
Women and children: Respect for safety and personal sovereignty (focusing on non-violence) 
Women's and Children's Issues other than violence

Which of these aspects of the future wonderful Earth do you feel passionately about co-creating and building? 
Are there other aspects you'd like to see on this list? Leave a comment.

For more information about the ASELF Task Forces, you might want to read The Structure of ASELF and Activities of the Task Forces

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