Wednesday, October 14, 2009



ASELF is a nonprofit organization whose mission is creating new, spiritually and ethically higher, more loving, and more Earth-enhancing ways of human behaving and relating by finding, linking, and synergizing individuals, groups, and organizations who are designing, creating, implementing, fostering, and supporting new higher values and ways of living and relating in every area of life. 
ASELF is the embodiment of a Sacred Vision. 
ASELF is a nonprofit Sacred Trust to support a huge variety of individuals, groups, and organizations whose purpose is to co-create a new, more conscious, more loving, more thriving Planet Earth.  

ASELF exists to support those who are creating and/or implementing new ways of behaving and interacting in every arena of life, ways that are uplifting, respectful, loving, and peaceful, and that promote optimal wellbeing for all.  

ASELF exists to support those working toward increasing consciousness and behavior that foster respect, harmony, and ecological balance among all who affect our living planet, Gaia.  

ASELF exists to support those who are actively working toward a life for everyone that is loving, joyful, and thriving on an Earth that is clean and peaceful.  

ASELF exists to support those who encourage consciousness and behavior that plans and acts in ways that would make life on this planet optimal for all future generations, and that takes into account the wellbeing of all present and future living Beings on the planet, as an interdependent system.  

ASELF exists to support those who do all this as a positive expression of their own expanding consciousness, compassion, and wisdom.  

ASELF is an organization whose own structure and functioning embody and refine those higher values and ways.

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