Friday, November 20, 2009

What does the name ASELF mean?

What does the name ASELF mean?

"ASELF” is an acronym and also has spiritual meanings. Each letter stands for some of our core ideas and main activities. The significance of the name of our Vision is from the Vision's sacred purposes and values.
is for Appreciate and for Amplify, and also 
awaken, aware, one, action, assent, advocate, allow, accept, acknowledge, all  
is for Synergize, and also  
savor, see, sacred, sentience, soar 

is for Educate, and also
evoke, expand, enlighten, enjoy, earth, embrace, everything, everyone, embody, empower, empathize, elate, exhilarate, elevate 

is for Link and for Light, and also  
love, lighten, leaven, laugh, learn

is for Find and for Fosterand also
flow, fun

Those who are spiritually inclined might also notice that A SELF can mean
  • No-Self (another name for infinite God/dess,) 
  • One-Self (another name for All-That-Is God/dess,) 
  • Earth as one self, 
  • and any particular self.

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