Monday, November 2, 2009

Inspiration for YOUR Vision

Inspiration for YOUR Vision

Do you have a Vision, too? 

Many of you reading this share the Larger Vision of a cleaner, more peaceful, more loving, healthier planet Earth. ASELF Vision shares these words of inspiration meant for you.  

About the world, the lives, the planet we envision, 

There is no price to be paid or cost incurred – except the price and cost of your allowing it to be. 

There are no conditions which have to be met first – except the conditions of your appreciation and enjoyment of your life, your experience, your world. 

There is no Karma to be paid first – unless you choose that.
There is no one who must be convinced or changed before your world can be experienced by you – except you.

There are no dangerous consequences of your envisioned world.  

There is no one who has to agree with you or believe you first – except you.  

There is no impossibility about the creation of your world. No rules of life or laws of the universe prevent it, or need to be changed for it to come into being – except the rules and laws you accept.  

There is no one to be safe from or hide from before your world can exist – except you.  

There is no one who can restrict or constrain the creation of this world – except you.  

There are no big obstacles to overcome – except the ones you can't allow not to appear.  

There is no stress or distress necessary before this world can be experienced – except what you can't let go of your addiction to.  

This world is not strictly a human achievement. It is more of a gift. Yes, there is activity and doing in the creating. But acting and doing are fruitless and wasted without accepting and allowing the Being. Accepting and allowing your own Being in that world-Being. Starting now. Starting with this situation right here now for you. And the next situation. And the next situation. 

Your new world is  
only a breath away 
only an eyeblink away 
only a heartbeat away  
of your acceptance of it in every fiber and in every corner of your body and soul.  

How many miracles did you push away today, as “impossible?” 

It is safe for us now. It is possible for us now. Things are simply going to turn out well. Things are simply going to go well. 
Can you allow it? That is your only challenge and your only obstacle.  
Can you allow the next moment, the next minute, the next situation, the next hour or day, to turn into, to become, your new world? 
How many “you's” does it take to make an “us?” How many “us's” does it take to make a world?  
Blessings from the ASELF Vision to others who share our world-Vision.  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

Here is another description of similar attitudes, in less poetic words, written by Rev. Alia in November, 2008.  

[Summarized from elsewhere: The energy of joy is suffusing our planet, making it easier and easier for us to believe in positive and joyous outcomes. We have irrepressible positivity. We can more easily choose to believe that things are going to be just fine. But we must choose.]  
It means that my pessimistic thoughts are easier to release, that I suddenly have extra energy, motivation, and empowerment to get more active in bringing my gifts and services to the world and I feel safer in that. So can you.  
It means I have greater expectation of finding others to synergize with. You can too. 
It means I greet news of advances into the New World's way of living and relating not with skepticism about their fate, but with enthusiasm in knowing they will indeed bear their fruit. So can you.  
The way I see it, the old will dissolve. It no longer has to be "overcome." We can relax a bit. The momentum of the new simply has to be flowed with. The new is so powerful, and the purpose of the old is done, and we shall see miracles of transformation. Inexplicable instances of things going "right." Odd instances of non-benevolent stuff simply not materializing or getting put into action. People having changes of heart and mind, that we would never expect. New alternative respectful, loving, benevolent ways of doing things that pop up seemingly from nowhere, ready to be implemented by people now oddly willing to accept them.  
Our work is to accept all this! The consensus is "The work begins now." Consistent with the slogan Yes WE can, now there is not just individual personal empowerment, but also the necessity and willingness to collaborate, cooperate, synergize with others. To learn ways of not just tolerating but using differences for the betterment of all.

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